I am a Computer Science student based in Leipzig.

I recently finished a project as student research assistant of the KILT group of AKSW Leipzig, bringing the DBpedia Live module back online.

Currently I am preparing my Bachelors thesis. I will explore the reconstruction of the tree of life, which is a formalization of the history of biological species. Genes do not only evolve linearly. They also duplicate and, even more difficult to analyze from our recent point of view, they are transferred horizontally between species. My supervisor developed a new model that takes into account these kinds of events in the history of genes and my task will be to prove that, when using it, there exists a correct mapping between the resulting gene tree and species tree.

Part of my time is dedicated to projects in the climate justice movement. Currently, I also do some editorial work for the new novel of Pia Klemp, who was captain of the Iuventa. It will be released in September 2019 at Maro Verlag.